Pizza Tracker Goals.

Few things are more satisfying than reading "Matt is on his way" on Domino's Pizza Tracker app.  It was a few slices into a jalapeno Hawaiian that I decided: I MUST MAKE THIS MY OWN.  

The tracker, not the pizza.
Well, obviously the pizza, too.

Our theme for 2018 has been improving all our systems.  If you're not a logistics nerd, entrepreneur, or oft-stressed Capricorn*, the rest might bore you.  Bear with me; there is pretty to come. 

*You know who you are.  lol

Team Expansion

The addition of a Sales and Production Manager (a right hand woman) has been amazing, and we've streamlined so much in our project management.  That's good news for you, of course, but we've got exciting client-facing reveals to share with you.  These are new elements that will be a part of your client journey after you place your order!  Let's take a look!

Client Portal

This serves as your home base, from your design consultation through the day we hug and send our creation home.  Everything lives in this one tidy corner of the internet: consult sketch, technical illustration, invoice, payments, status, and email.  TALK ABOUT EASY.  (For all of us!  #technologyhalleluias)

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Status Tracker

As Claire, the aforementioned Production-managing rockstar, shares status updates, you'll find it easy to follow along and understand each step.  Updates will come via email notification.  Those emails will also stay in your portal, for convenient reference whenever, wherever.  I know; it's just a tease, but...check out this one, for our Essential Elegance brides.

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We've been rolling out these changes gradually, but even brides who have already ordered will begin to get our more robust client experience very soon!

Renegade is nothing if not art supported by the enthusiastic women we seek to serve.  I'm so happy to be growing in that mission.


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