Why mass market retailing means most bridal stores are basic AF

I'm not mad at bridal stores*. You see, it's not their fault.  It's the system.  The goal of a retailer is to purchase the fewest number of inventory styles ("samples") from which to reorder the maximum number of times.  Following?

So the worst thing they can do for their bottom line is invest in some dress that only appeals to the "right kind of bride" (ie YOU - rare, special weirdo snowflakes whom I adore).  Why?  Because their hope is that maybe they'll sell it once.  If they're REALLY lucky, they'll be able to sell her the sample, but probably not.  So they go to market...they see exciting things you'll never see...because they're (wisely?) risk-averse.  Ok.  I've sufficiently played devil's advocate, right?

The FUNDAMENTAL problem with that is a misconception of needs, I believe.  Shall we science?

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So the way I see it, this means MOST of you are my people.  MOST of you are alienated by the traditional bridal store model.  I think offering you some badass visual aids (a studio or runway full of gowns that show what we can do) and limitless customization is the ultimate answer.  Read about custom design.  Stay tuned, though, because we've got more exciting ways to work together in the pipeline including solving the common need to "try on" a custom gown...before it exists...and super fun options for out of town gals!

I won't apologize for wanting more for you than "the man"/the system allows.  So what's frustrating you?  Is there something about the gown process that confounds you?  Maybe I can explain - or rant on why you're experiencing it, at least.  ;)

With you in the trenches, 

* In fact, I truly adore some baller store owners who "get it".  

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