Brand Heritage

Renegade Bridal is my evolution to serve cool, fun, out of the box brides.  

Observing from my experiences in bridal manufacturing and retail, I launched with a long list of "what NOT to do".  

  • Don't make gowns run crazy small
  • Certainly don't charge plus size fees and punish certain body types
  • Never exploit laborers to get the cheapest product
  • Never get boring

Plenty of people have offerings for "elegant" or "traditional" brides.  Nobody was listening to the craving for something fresh.  Bold.  Fun.

So I did.

And promptly received crazy looks from mothers-of-the-bride and mild-mannered store owners!

But the Houston brides started to come.  And they fueled my mission.  

Our first custom bride was in 2006.  In January of 2014, we moved into Silver Street Studios.  We've become the go-to brand for offbeat bridal and eveningwear, both the dramatic as well as subtle infusions of personality through details.

Today you can shop the collection or visit with me to create the perfect gown for YOU.  

[Haute Custom bride's sleeve with Muertos skull appliques blended into lace]