Bridal buying will never be the same.
...and we'd wager that sounds like relief to you.

For too long, Big Bridal has expanded and thrived on a predatory business model.  Our mission is to redefine the buying process to mutually benefit entrepreneurs in both bridal retail and independent manufacturing. 

Quit dreading market.
There's another way - 
and you don't even have to leave the store.

Our 3 mission goals

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Save Small Bridal

How do we revolutionize an industry so steeped in tradition?   First, we separate habit from necessity.  Our brides are constantly evolving, and heart alone may not be a winning strategy anymore.  The inordinate power that brands wield over retailers has always been unsustainable, but we're watching the breakdown.  Buying habits of brides are a challenge for manufacturer and retailer alike.  The big brands are adapting, alright - going after retail margin themselves, enforcing stricter buying requirements, and even selling online.  Creative problem solving is the name of the game, and being proactive is critical.

We believe collaboration is the answer.  That's why our team of designers has set aside competition, forgone individual minimums, and lowered your risk in order to strengthen our industry together.

Normalize Niche Merchandising

Traditions, customs, and mindset varies dramatically from region to region, yet every buyer funnels into the same marketplace to select product.  The entire market system, reps suggesting the same picks to each store, can often be out of touch with your store's strategic focus.  What we propose is both scary and exciting - sharing power even as soon as in the development phase.  

One advantage that small businesses possess, but rarely yield, is agility.  When you recognize a pattern from your brides, our designer-manufacturers are eager to listen.  Your voice should have a direct impact upon the aesthetics of future collections!  We trust you as a fashion authority in service to your community. Ultimately, that means your brides will effect trends just as much as our trend forecasting.  

Unlike larger corporate brands, our designers have the agility to create new samples for you even mid-season.  If you need a variant of a bestseller, then we want to empower you to move quickly to capitalize. 

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Rally and Empower Allied Designers

Through an invitation-only beta season, we're rolling out radical collaboration.  Our participating designers are meeting retailers in the middle, because they're eager to prove themselves to you and serve your brides together.  While buying into their collections is absolutely an option, we'll also be offering the chance to sponsor these artists' designs.  For a fraction of normal wholesale sample cost, you could have a sample - and a great story.  How cool would it be to tell your bride that the gown she has on was a piece of art you helped to manifest?  

For many indie designers, the development cost of a collection can be crippling.  Working directly with authorities in bridal retailing allows them to minimize the risk of creating "dud" styles, instead focusing on meeting the needs of today's bride.  This creates less environmental waste, less of your precious rack space wasted, and less risk of them eating ramen for an entire season.  So, you see, mutual winning.  

How will it work?

We're building out our Designer Gallery now, but here's what's coming!

Buying Options:

      1. Samples at Cost: 8-piece minimum per line - AT JUST HALF WHOLESALE PRICE
           a. Wholesale pricelist with exclusive member discount 
           b. No style limitations
           c. Customizations available
           d. Exclusive territories available

       2. Co-Op Wholesale Stock Order - Meet a 12-piece minimum ACROSS ANY OF OUR DESIGNERS
           a. Regular wholesale pricing
           b. Collaborate across our designers to fulfill minimum

      3. Private Style Design - Let's Create Bestsellers
           a. Wholesale pricelist (Design fee may apply; varies by brand)
           b. Submit your design needs or sketches
           c. Style exclusivity available
           d. Collaborate across our designers to fulfill minimum
           e. Custom hangtags add to store prestige: "Designer for ____ Bridal"

      4. Early Access Design Sponsorship - Pre-Order Concept Designs
           a. Save big off wholesale to develop your sample for just production cost
           b. Limited time style exclusivity included!  Get it in store a full season before it's in a collection
           b. Order from our online Designer Concept Gallery
                i.  Fashion illustrations for new styles with fabric swatches shown
                ii. Variants of proven styles with modifications - suggested new fabrics, embellishment, or pattern changes
           c. Style-specific marketing
                i. Poster provided at request
                ii. Sneak peeks for social media
                iii. Designer video shout-out 


We are bridal industry disruptors - designers taking action toward real change.  We recognize that couples are seeking ever more creative ways to infuse their personality into their wedding day.  The challenge for retailers has been investing in samples that might only appeal to a seemingly few brides.  With customizations and creative solutions for minimums, we aim to empower you to serve this generation of self-expressive women.

We encourage you to check back as designers join our ranks throughout market season.

Coming Soon:
More Great Lines!

Designers Apply Here

Separates for the Modern Bride

She wants to have her cake, and eat it, too.
These bridal tops and skirts mix and match to perfection. So many of our brides were requesting detachable skirts that we coined the phrase "Dress and a Half Hack" by offering a way to change skirts in the late evening. They love drama for the aisle, but when the cake is cut and the DJ drops the beat, comfort matters!   While reception dresses are a challenging upsell, you may find less resistance to adding on a second skirt.  Plus they don't have to endure that heartbreaking moment of changing OUT of "THE GOWN". 

Order as separates or connected as a 1-piece gown.  Sell our pieces as a great way to feel like she's designing her own look.  She won't have to settle for a gown that isn't the top AND skirt she loves. With Paper Dolls, she chooses!

Style exclusivity available. Let's modify pieces to best suit your store.

Paper Dolls At-a-Glance

Fabrics, Colors, and Prints

Eclectic Statement Gowns

Because the idea of presenting yourself to be joined for a lifetime calls for the most authentic expression of a lifetime.  Renegade gowns offer the perfect solution for bold, unapologetic brides.  Lots of color, print, and attention-grabbing goodness in this collection.

COMING SOON; Submit interest form to be notified when 2020 collection goes live!

Tradition Turned Up to 11

Expect glamour and grandeur, tradition, and sentimental vintage completely reimagined textiles.  Embroidery featuring maps, whimsical animalia, or dangerous and beautiful plants, a NEW HERITAGE gown will make Mom cry, while the bride's inner rebel is subtly emblazoned over every inch.

COMING SOON; Submit interest form to be notified when 2020 collection goes live

Unadvertised line of stretch, wrinkle-resistant gowns ready for a suitcase and exotic locales.  Imagine a gown that feels as comfortable as a pair of pajamas with whimsy, glamour, and intrigue.  Minimal structure, great price points.

COMING SOON; Submit interest form to be notified when 2020 collection goes live!