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To tell the best stories, one must start at the beginning.  As with any good revolution, we start with a problem.  I realized this problem gradually, with every shift I clocked at a volume bridal warehouse, slinging gowns to quench my passion for all things ivory and fabulous.  You see, nearly every bride, in a pre-shopping mini-interview I'd conduct, would tell me they were after "something DIFFERENT".  Now, sure, some just meant "not strapless", but a GOOD portion of those women truly craved something that turned the white up to ELEVEN.  You know?  A gown that exuded their very personality.  A statement.  

The only problem with that is the system is rigged against them.  The very nature of retail means stores buying the fewest number of samples they can to sell the maximum number of times.  It doesn't serve the retailers to stock a bunch of gowns that take the perfect kind of bold bride to wear.  Fair enough.

So I quit.  I quit the store.  I quit trying to design for store owners who didn't GET IT.  

And I began to listen.  TO BRIDES.

That's when the magic with Damsel White Label began.  Now my mission is spreading the message that your wedding should be an absolute reflection of you as a couple - no matter how weird, wild, or crazy.  I'm not alone on this ride, either!  Here in Houston and beyond, wedding creatives are eager to connect with creative couples.  So don't feel marginalized by the blush and bashful trends...if that's not your signature color, of course.

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