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Short Bride Problems: Why it's not a matter of just hemming

Short Bride Problems: Why it's not a matter of just hemming

Unlike many brides, the idea of custom design may have already occurred to you - out of necessity!  If you were thinking you'd just need your gown hemmed, let me count with you the reasons why that's not your best course.

5 Pro Tips (ok, warnings) to know BEFORE gown shopping

5 Pro Tips (ok, warnings) to know BEFORE gown shopping

1. Have the talk.While the gown can be the piece of the puzzle that really provides some momentum for inspiration and planning, it is crucial to at least begin the discussion with your partner about the style for your celebration.  The gown of your dreams for a surfside elopement may differ from what you would select for a black tie ballroom affair. 2. Shop your closet.Do you inexplicably gravitate to flutter sleeve V-necks?  Analyze your "comfort zone" items and why you love those.  Then pull out the special dress that makes you feel like a vixen.  Why is that?  Does it...

Five reasons why

Five reasons why "Encore Brides" have it GOOD

1.  Encore Brides understand priorities.So many of the most common budget planning mistakes and post-nuptial regrets are more easily avoided by couples with more life experience.  Maybe the first time around you were left questioning why you cared about wedding favors.  Maybe the catering was only so-so last time and you know to choose a more creative chef for this celebration.  You understand that this is a "no regrets" project.Learn about our "No Regrets" philosophy as it relates to your bridal gown look.2.  Encore Brides know themselves.When we're 22, we're just different women than when we're 30.  That's a fact, and...

The TRUE definition (and gross misuse) of

The TRUE definition (and gross misuse) of "couture"

If you have any amateur sommelier knowledge, you're probably aware that the technical definition of "champagne" is reserved for sparkling wine SOLELY from the namesake province of France.  In many countries, it is actually illegal to label something "Champagne" unless it is produced there AND follows a set of strict procedural guidelines. Call me a purist, but I'm okay with letting the French own the label for the art they mastered.  That brings us, of course, to "couture".   (If you haven't noticed by now, I've just embraced the fact that my "blog voice" is a little ranty.  Ok?  Pour some...

The mindset we share with Katherine Hepburn

The mindset we share with Katherine Hepburn

When I watched this video, I found a new hero.  History has long been filled with restrictive apparel as the norm for women.  Luckily, there are infinite options for the modern bride - from corset to slinky slipdress.  Regardless of which style echoes your personality, embrace that there's no rule that says we have to take anything too seriously, nor hold anything too precious.  Prance in those gowns, ladies.  Rock those pantsuits.

Quirk and sophistication blended flawlessly. 

Whether longhorns or sentimental florals, the inspirations are what make Renegade gowns memorable.  We love to help you make your statement.

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