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The mindset we share with Katherine Hepburn

The mindset we share with Katherine Hepburn

When I watched this video, I found a new hero.  History has long been filled with restrictive apparel as the norm for women.  Luckily, there are infinite options for the modern bride - from corset to slinky slipdress.  Regardless of which style echoes your personality, embrace that there's no rule that says we have to take anything too seriously, nor hold anything too precious.  Prance in those gowns, ladies.  Rock those pantsuits.

Debunking Myths:  I can't wear strapless!

Debunking Myths: I can't wear strapless!

The gals blessed up top think they don't stand a chance.The less endowed think they need a larger bust to "hold it up".Both are wrong. To understand why, let's get into "fashion engineering mode".  There is a legitimate concern at play here.  Your special day is no time to feel self-conscious, of course.  Here's the good news in a nutshell:If your bustline is sized AND supported properly AND the weight of your dress is supported at the waistline...YOU'RE GOOD TO GO!!!!! For the bustier among us, additional structure may even be necessary in the cup itself.  This isn't something you'll...

Bride Beware: Breaking Alfred Angelo news

Brides over Houston are scrambling today. I've spoken with a few who have managed to communicate with management locally and corporate legal spokesperson.  As a designer-manufacturer able to create dream gowns with a quick turnaround, we want to prepare to help anyone caught in a bind. We'll update here today with a special just for you; stay tuned! "The manager at Webster location stated that she was told paid orders will be shipped to the address on file. Then she gave us the lawyer's number to check the status. The lawyer's office didn't know how they were handling the...

Why mass market retailing means most bridal stores are basic AF

Why mass market retailing means most bridal stores are basic AF

I'm not mad at bridal stores*. You see, it's not their fault.  It's the system.  The goal of a retailer is to purchase the fewest number of inventory styles ("samples") from which to reorder the maximum number of times.  Following?So the worst thing they can do for their bottom line is invest in some dress that only appeals to the "right kind of bride" (ie YOU - rare, special weirdo snowflakes whom I adore).  Why?  Because their hope is that maybe they'll sell it once.  If they're REALLY lucky, they'll be able to sell her the sample, but probably not....


The "We'll just sew cups in for you" Mistake: Foundation Garment 411

I hear it all too often.  Some bridal consultant tells a bride that, for comfort, they can just sew in some bra cups to the gown in alterations.  This is almost always a mistake. Gowns aren't (usually) engineered to manipulate your body.  While adding a cup might prevent your gown from caving in, that's a poor solution.  If your gown is too big through the bust, it needs to be altered to fit you.  Sewing in cups is the duct tape fix to that problem.   What you want is a garment whose very existence is to give you lift,...

Quirk and sophistication blended flawlessly. 

Whether longhorns or sentimental florals, the inspirations are what make Renegade gowns memorable.  We love to help you make your statement.

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