Ombre Dip Dye Gown Custom Coloring Service

Because of the many variables involved, it is our preference to be in control of the fabric selection and construction of an ombre gown from the beginning.  Please check into designing your gown with us!  For instance, true black is VERY challenging to achieve with dye.  (We've tried!  and got eggplant.)  For that, we would recommend actually constructing your gown with PRINTED fabric.  I adore textile design and printing allows you to do other fun things like adding in a floral to your ombre look, as in our "Ophelia":

The following is pricing information to custom color gowns purchased elsewhere.


While John Galliano's famous hot pink gown for Gwen Stefani was years ago (swoon!), this ombre trend gained recent traction when a DIY bride's gown went viral.  Embracing an unapologetic personal style is my entire professional mission, but the technical approach she used is NOT what I suggest.  Applying PAINT to a gown makes your lovely fabric take on the consistency of construction paper - crunchy, inflexible.  We use only dyes, either dipped or hand-applied, to maintain the lovely drape of your gown.  Our goal is to enhance the couture look of your gown in as natural and seamless a way as possible.

The Process

1) Reserve your date by booking us!    [Form will be linked here.  In the meantime, contact us.]  This service does have limited capacity.
Our production calendar takes into account whether you still need to have your gown hemmed (which must be done BEFORE coloring) and delivery date based upon when you first need the gown (ie bridal portraits).

ombre dye dip dye dress wedding gown service

In this step, you'll provide:

1st payment and signed agreement

Care label details from gown

Color design request details

2) Approve your test dye swatch

If your gown is 100% poly duchess satin in white, for instance, we'll supply and test dye on that same material.  If you have scrap from your alterations, this is ideal but not mandatory.  As you can see above, some wrinkles will happen naturally and different fabrics' textures achieve varying looks.  A lace overlay softens and smooths these "artistic imperfections", but if you want perfectly smooth, we should chat about digitally printing and custom designing your gown.

3) Ship your gown to us

4) We send your gown back, ready for the big day!



Just want to change the color of your dress overall?


Bridesmaid 100
Bridal gown (sheath) 200
Bridal gown (medium fullness) 400
Bridal gown (extra full) 450


Looking for a pop of color along your hem?  We do that!  Pricing does vary by fiber content.  Synthetics require a heated dye bath, which adds significant difficulty.  

Ombre Hem

Polyester gown
Ballgown 750
A-line, mermaid 600
Sheath, short dresses 550


Natural fibers such as silk work well without the constant heat required for synthetics. 

Ombre Hem

Silk gown
Ballgown 450
A-line, mermaid 400
Sheath, short dresses 350

One color: Included
Add $50 per additional color
Remember that the colors will blend together, so if you want blue to purple to red, you actually only need to pay for 2 colors.  :)

Technical gown illustration indicating placement 
As a gown designer, working with us has perks like this opportunity to get a great peace of mind visual check before we dye your dream dress.