Ombre Dip Dye Gown Custom Coloring Service

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A quick obligatory note about Custom Design

Because of the many variables involved, it is our suggestion and preference to control the fabric selection and construction of an ombre gown from the beginning.  Please check into designing your gown with us Many gown brands use extra chemical finishes that may be dye resistant.  For many color combinations, we would recommend actually constructing your gown with PRINTED fabric.  Check out this primer on color theory comparing dyeing and printing.  I adore textile design and printing allows you to do other fun things like adding in a floral to your ombre look, as in our "Ophelia" or "Wimberley".


Ophelia features an original photo print ombre with statues and delicate florals.

Wimberley features original artwork portraying the Texas Hill Country along the hem.


Our Quality Technique

An Insistence on Proper Coloring

While John Galliano's famous hot pink gown for Gwen Stefani was years ago (swoon!), this ombre trend gained recent traction when a DIY bripink ombre dip dye gownde's gown went viral.  Embracing an unapologetic personal style is my entire professional mission, but the technique approach she used is NOT what I suggest.  Applying PAINT or aerosol sprays to a gown makes your lovely fabric take on the consistency of construction paper - crunchy, inflexible.  Unacceptable. We use only dyes, either dipped or hand-applied, to maintain the lovely drape of your gown.  Our goal is to enhance the couture look and feel of your gown in as natural, luxurious, and seamless a way as possible. Color and sophistication need not be mutually exclusive, after all!









 The "Handmade" Touch

Dyed gowns are submerged into a dye bath and some movement within is expected.  As a natural part of that process, some minor creases may take color.  Gowns with an overlay layer of lace or tulle will have this effect diffused.  Please look at it as a feature of your gown created lovingly by hand.  (If this is a dealbreaker, look into creating a custom gown with us using digital printed ombre for a more "perfect" blend.)

No Surprises

We'll begin with swatch testing to provide you a tangible color to approve before we proceed.  Swatch testing requires no further commitment until you are satisfied to move forward.  We take your gown very seriously, too!  Different fibers, weaves, and finishes will effect the result.  Sometimes we have unexpected challenges in this step, which helps us prepare appropriately.  Glass beads, for instance, resist dye.  Plastics will absorb color if we're dyeing a synthetic gown, however.  Some satins have an almost waxy coating that requires we chemically strip the fabric before proceeding (which isn't always advisable).  Lots of chemistry, so lots of double and triple checking.  We once had a black gown with a skirt (just the skirt!) that was stubborn and ended up actually sewing an entire outer layer for the bride when the satin wouldn't go any more black than eggplant!  When we test all of your fabrics, we have a plan.  That's key!

swatches of various fabrics dyed wedding gown



So Let's Get Started!

Read below to get started with your swatch test and later book your wedding gown dye project.  Contact us if you have a tight timeline, please, so the lab team can plan for your gown as soon as your anticipated swatch approval comes through.