AI Dress Design Tool

How to Use the AI Gown Designer

"I just can't envision it."
Over our 18 years serving through custom design, we've solved for it through fashion sketching, then digital technical illustration, and now we add to our toolkit again!

We created this tool to assist our to-be-weds in visualizing how pieces and parts of an idea can come together.
"Can I have an open back AND be strapless?"

The power of this tool is in efficiently reviewing multiple versions you may consider, ultimately aimed at the goal of your peace of mind!

However, it is crucial to acknowledge the limitations of AI in the creative process.  While it excels at processing popular trends, for instance, creativity and innovation aren't always strengths.  Maybe you put popular elements together in an exciting new way, but if your ideas are too novel, we're happy to help!  In the same way too many fingers may arise, patternmaking considerations also require functional review. This is just the first step.  

Next, consider booking a design consult or using our new, affordable Gown Builder!

We hope you enjoy!