About Natalie

bridal fashion designer houston nontraditional wedding gowns natalie harrisBack in design school, I once took a personality evaluation to  apply at Golden Corral.  It said I had "issues with following the  status quo".  I was shocked!  I did not get that job.  Fast forward a couple decades, though...

I still prefer to color outside the lines by putting prints on wedding gowns, embroidering skulls into lace, and encouraging renegade brides to forego tradition for the sake of  itself in favor of hyper-personalizing.  I wish every bride could have the fun "Easter eggs" we hide in our brides' gowns.

I grew up on a farm in rural Indiana. I've been on a path to this career my whole life, starting from glueing Barbie clothes before Mom started teaching me to sew in third grade.

I have crazy notions about how life and art intermingle.  I think the gown you wear on your wedding day should be exactly the kind of craziness your spouse would expect from you.  I think fashion should serve to convey your personality.

Ironically, though, on my days off, you'll find me to be a supreme suburban cliche.  Every morning I trip over Legos and teethers as I stumble to the kitchen for my caffeine fix.  Nighttime makes my brain whirl with ideas.  My family and tribe energize me to live this dream.  We are Game of Thrones nerds, roadtrippers, and Boilermakers.  In 2016, we spontaneously went to Hong Kong (with kids).  We're experience maniacs.  Maybe that's why I cherish weddings so gosh darn much.