Black Dyed Wedding Dresses

Black Dyed gowns are both our most popular and most challenging request. Some fabrics will reach a rich, full black, while many may max out at a charcoal or even barely gray. Gothic and elegant brides and gala-goers seeking a black gown may benefit from collaborating with Renegade to create your dress intentionally in black from scratch. Our full collection is available in any color, and bespoke collaboration with our designer is a premium solution for inspired dress lovers.

We happily serve those who found their gown at other fine bridal retailers as well. Our complimentary Zoom consultations begin each collaboration by reviewing the unique variables to your project.

gothic black wedding dress dyeing

Black Gothic Dyed Wedding Dresses

Black Wedding Dresses

Black Dyed Wedding Dresses

It's worth noting that you'll see dresses with some dramatically different results here. Our process provides peace of mind with a swatch test to ensure you approve of the end result before we move forward with dyeing the full dress. In your Zoom consult we'll review our expectations for your fabric type, based upon our experience with hundreds of variables. Sometimes a "failed" swatch test tells us that part of the dress will take color while another won't, or that only charcoal might be feasible. As you'll see, some of our brides and clients knowingly opted to proceed and achieved gorgeous looks. Others you won't see here used their swatch test results to pivot to a different color selection entirely. What sets us apart is our dedication to your peace of mind. This much is true: if anyone can get it black, we will!