What is a "fiber" vs a "fabric"?

Today's quick fabric lesson is some easy lingo, but important to understand when navigating conversations about dyeing.  

You know how cotton can be denim or your bedsheets?   Your bathrobe and favorite blouse might both be polyester.  In these conversations, the FIBERS are cotton and polyester.  The WEAVE (colloquially, "fabric type") is how those fibers, the individual threads, are used in varying ways to create different properties.  Denim and chiffon are examples of WEAVES.  

Complicating things further, weaves aren't always exclusive to one fiber.  Chiffon, for instance, is a billowy, loose, semi-sheer fabric type that could be created with either silk or polyester.  Satin, similarly, could be either silk or polyester.  

Still confused?  No big deal.  We don't expect YOU to be an expert on this stuff.  That's why we treat each project like a unique collaboration and offer a complimentary Zoom consult to review your project's specifics.  

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