Bride Beware: Breaking Alfred Angelo news

Brides over Houston are scrambling today. I've spoken with a few who have managed to communicate with management locally and corporate legal spokesperson. 

As a designer-manufacturer able to create dream gowns with a quick turnaround, we want to prepare to help anyone caught in a bind. We'll update here today with a special just for you; stay tuned!

"The manager at Webster location stated that she was told paid orders will be shipped to the address on file. Then she gave us the lawyer's number to check the status. The lawyer's office didn't know how they were handling the situation yet and asked to email my info to them and they'll get back with me." - Jessica Meisenheimer, Houston bride-to-be

I just got off the phone with their attorney. They are telling customers to email them their address, phone, and what they ordered. I was also told that Alfred Angelo has declared bankruptcy and are closing their doors. None of the stores know when will be their last day. They have been told to sell as much of the product as they can. They owe months and months of rent to the building owners, in some cases, so it depends on them as well. Many managers have been told to turn in their keys today. It's slightly different situations all over the country and none of them know exactly what's going on since corporate is not telling them how to handle customer orders." - Heather Echols


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