Rush Availability

As of 4/10/24:
$250 Super Rush (2-Day turnaround); Confirm availability in your consult
$100 2-week Rush
Availability is unavailable

$100 4-week Rush Availability is very limited (Two 4/30 dye queue spots remain)

Once prom season (so many color rescues!) clears out, we will likely have May rush availability again as normal.  Go ahead and schedule your complimentary Zoom consultation now, and we can help you plan timeline logistics.  We work from a production schedule that doesn't necessitate your gown being present for you to claim a spot in the queue.  We have October brides scheduled for dyeing in June, for instance, whose gowns are still in production from their designers.

Shipping Carrier Alert

The Houston metro USPS (Postal Service) is so disastrous that it's making national news.  It takes over a week to get a Priority package across town lately, and we did have inbound packages experience delays.  UPS is our preferred carrier and has been operating smoothly.  FedEx has also been smooth, but we do not have outbound daily FedEx pickup.

Pricing Structure Change Coming 5/1/24

We will be reworking our pricing structure to better allocate labor resources to projects we foresee requiring hours more than optimal dye fabrics.  Discounts for dye services to Renegade gowns will also be visible.
Current pricing 
You can preview Allover Dye Service new pricing.  Ombre pricing is not yet published.