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Friends and family got the inside scoop before the holidays, but YOU may have just noticed our new addition...our original prints on CASUALWEAR!  It's a labor of love creating one of these prints.  This watercolor inspired by our the amazing Maggie of Bramble & Bee took me nearly 22 hours from painting through digital assembly.  I love how it turned out, love it in a handful of different colorways, and couldn't stop with gowns.  I had to find a way to put it on my body for lazy Tuesdays.  Who's going to tell me to keep my couture on a shelf?  I'm going to wear it to the grocery store on some gosh darn stretchy pants, and nobody can stop me.  I mean:
I'm ordering mine now.  It's gorgeous on practically everything.
(Above) The watercolor elements scanned in for assembly.
The pattern tiled to be a seamless repeat and colorways created.  (Slate shown.)
And the Maggie print on ivory here with a soft, tulle overlay.  (Gown coming soon to Renegade!) Photo credit C Wright Photography
Go check out the amazing options for everyday...crop tops, dresses, shirts, phone cases...
Yes.  I'm going nuts.  In a good way.  *maniacal laughter*
Tip:  everything is 20% for a limited time with code GETWEIRD20
And the best part?  No games.  No limited quantities.  
Soon I'll be adding styles with my fashion illustrations, too!  What do you think?

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