Top Bridal Fashion Trends and Colors

Bridal Fashion Trends Watch 2024

Did you know 1 in 10 brides is considering a wedding dress with color on their wedding day? In addition to brides in color on their big day, we've seen a surge in former brides, bridesmaids, and dress-wearing people attending or hosting special occasions discovering dress dyeing for re-wear.

Here's what we've learned this year and trends we're watching headed into 2024! Overall, our most most popular color requests at Renegade in 2023 have been:

  • Ombré: Dip dye placement 
  • Black allover
  • Blue, from subtle Ice blue to Sapphire
  • Red, especially Scarlet and Burgundy

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Wedding White Becomes Classic Black

When we say "black has been popular," what we mean is black is a white-hot trend. Over 1 in 4 of our customers ordered black for their dye project this year.

Some wore black on their big day. Most are upcycling their wedding day looks. We're here for an eco-friendly and pragmatic choice. As our most popular all-over color service, all the ways black can translate to elegance and sophistication lend it obvious advantage. Interestingly, our customers uniformly wanted to transform their gowns into all-over black rather than create an ombré design.

Black is also popular in nearly every state. Look at who is searching for black gown dyeing across the US. This surprised even us! Black became a popular choice initially in some unexpected regions.

All-Over vs. Ombré Style Popularity

This year, 1 in 4 of our customers have sought out an ombré look. Two styles continue to be especially popular: sunset and mermaid/peacock. Interestingly, we had the same amount of interest in both signature ombre combinations this year.  

Blue is a close second in all-over popularity, but is also trending up as an ombré selection this fall. If we count mermaid/peacock in our blue category, it's easily the ombré dip-dye winner. Combined with vibrant purples, the mermaid/peacock style also represents the growing interest we've seen in purple here at Renegade.

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More Color Combinations

We predict red and wine tones will become increasingly popular in 2024. As sunset looks have maintained popularity, we predict red requests may take on a more burgundy or merlot hue. 

Green also grew in popularity this year. (Have you noticed green cars everywhere suddenly, too?) Green and blue are gorgeous in the classic mermaid ombré design. We anticipate green may take a bigger role in dip-dye designs, likely paired with blues and purples.

With the honor of serving nontraditional, inspired brides for 15 years through custom design, Renegade Dye Lab has been a pioneer. Through intense research and development, we now offer a process with multiple peace of mind checkpoints. Over 200 customers have trusted us to deliver personalized, precise colors.


*Data sources: 2022 Google Trends report, Renegade 2022/23 customer data. 
**Data source: Renegade 2023 customer data. 

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