Custom Debutante Dresses Houston

Custom Debutante Dress Design
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We understand.  It seems simple enough.  A white dress.  Not too revealing.  Not studded in rhinestones.  Why is that such a tall order?

It's not.  Work with our designer to create a special gown for presentation that fulfills your vision without any of the elements frowned upon by your dress committee!
- Embroidery?  We can do all white!  (As opposed to silver common on bridal gowns.)
- Beading? Clear and white catch the light for subtle shimmer.
- Lace?  Select from many lovely styles.
- Neckline? You specify where you like it to fall.

We delight in hearing your ideas and would love to visit to discuss our process, review materials, and begin creating the perfect gown for your personality and body type.  Nobody else is able to offer everything from creating custom textile prints to custom beaded embellishment and embroidery.  The possibilities are LIMITLESS and not limited to just fabrics available at a local store.  

We take on a very limited number of deb clients and tend to book up early.  Custom beading and some fabrics take 30 or more days to arrive.  Prices vary dramatically based upon style details, but tend to range $550-1550.

Contact us with questions and to set up your appointment with our designer!  (Out of town?  No problem!) At this visit, you can expect to:
  • See how your ideas work together in an illustration
  • Get advice regarding proportions (how fitted through the hips is most flattering for you specifically, how low to dip a neckline, etc)
  • Begin your order and be measured (wear a good strapless bra if possible) to select your size (custom sizing is available for an additional $75 patterning fee)
  • Select colors and fabrics

See you soon!

Do you chair a dress committee?  We'd love to share our services with your organization.  Contact us today!