Design Your Wedding Dress Online

You have the vision for an incredible gown.  You just aren't willing to spend $3000+ to make it happen, but nor do you want the risk (or ethics violations) of ordering with a faceless factory.  Perfect, Renegade; you're in the right place! Our entire site is a portfolio of our quality and innovation. We're a small business based in Houston, thrilled to empower, inspire, and impact with you.

Custom design has been our delight for 15 years, as industry specialists in incorporating color, culture, and story.  While we boast the broadest design capability in the industry, we've stripped down the bells and whistles from our couture process for this exciting new, affordable option, the Gown Builder!  It's design led by you!

With our online platform, the process of designing your dream wedding dress is simple and convenient. Scroll through and select each element to build your unique creation!  Following your order, our design team will create your rendering for your approval.  NEW for June 2024!  Photorealistic renderings!

To Complete Your Order

1) Submit your Agreement
2) IF you upgraded to custom sizing, submit measurement form to design@
3) Submit any important notes and ask questions in our chat!
4) Review your design rendering for approval. Our team will provide this in 3-10 business days.