Full Ombre Test (NEW!)

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Some projects are trickier than others.  Some of us are wired differently and need every assurance available.  We may specifically advise this step in your complimentary consult.
While a regular swatch test will answer the binary, "can my fabric reach the color goal I want?" for a single color, it will not predict challenges that may arise at scale, such as:
  • How does my fabric wick - a smooth blend or a jagged line? 
  • [For multicolor projects] When we add a color, does it leave a blank white band (typical of many satins), or do the colors blend together? 
  • Is my fabric so stubborn that banding is likely, due to needing a highly concentrated formula?  

In many cases, we will provide a similar fabric to demonstrate your ombre.  This differs from the regular swatch test, which is always from your exact garment.  We accommodate the need for greater surface area with a close substitute.  For this reason, this is supplemental and not a substitute for the standard dye test.