Being the Bridal Store Black Sheep in the Houston Art World

When I first considered Silver Street Studios as the home for the showroom, I thought I'd be a complete black sheep.  After all, I wasn't a painter or photographer.  No matter, as I'd already embraced the sense of being the outlier in the wedding industry, too.  I'd thought of myself more as a product manufacturer, but once I surrounded myself with this community of artists, I better realized my identity as an artist as well.  The atmosphere challenges one to innovate.  Demands it.  So as it turns out, I absolutely belong here...and adore it.

I wanted to share the images from the Renegade Shootout (more about that next time!) that highlighted our creative atmosphere.  

What you see here are amazing works by my resident artist neighbors at Silver Street Studios in the Washington Avenue Arts District:

(With thanks to Endless Exposures Photography, Ronnie Bliss Photography, Styled by Kelsey V and Updo Gypsy)

(Additional art credits pending)

Savannah in "Jacqueline" (Shown red, available other colors).  Flower crowns by Bark & Beam available in studio

"Lydia", arrangement by Haute Flowers

(Above) Artist: Angela Fabbri, Brandy (of Authentically B) in "Sienna" with "MJ" chain fringe jewelry.  Brooch bouquets by Mococulture

(Above) Artist: Lisa Hardcorn, Bouquet Flower Vibes

and more fun just around our creative campus:



"Charlotte" swiss dot gown with "Blondie" capelet

Amy in "Poe"

Drop me a line for an appointment to visit our studio showroom, shop the collection, and talk about all the fun we offer in making your gown uniquely yours.

- Natalie

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