Custom Bridal

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Custom Wedding Dresses

To creatively collaborate with our designer starting from scratch, from Pinterest boards to swatches, this is the option for limitless possibility. Please note: this service is on a limited basis and books quickly during some times of the year.  We advise reserving your wedding date as early as possible; we can delay measuring once your production spot is reserved.

This system is somewhat like working with a traditional bridal store - placing your order and awaiting arrival from our factory - except that it's a marvelous custom creation!  The distinguishing benefits of creating your gown with this service include:

  • Confirming DESIGN details of your custom patterning. "Yes! That's how deep I want the neckline!" or "Let's start the skirt flare from right here."
  • Ensuring proper proportion, whether you're shorter and wanting a gown with detail along the hem, or perhaps more disproportionate than standard sizing can easily accommodate.  A pattern is custom drafted for your every measurement rather than the regular method in other stores - needing massive alterations if you have a significantly smaller proportion.  (I'm a dramatic pear, for instance, so I'd have been taking in 2+ sizes in my bust, which might mean losing detail on a regular store-bought gown!)
  • Select from a near infinite fabric supplier list, or create a new textile altogether!  Mint lace in a medium scale with delicate sparkle?  We're on it.  Crepe with a floral print that nods to your ceremony style?  Let's do!
  • Utilize our couture beading and embroidery factory to hyperpersonalize, whether Swarovski rhinestone or opal, colored accents or hidden "Easter egg" embroidered icons, this is the fun stuff.  

Many designs fall within the base rate, but optional upgrades include:

  • Fabric upgrades: Silks, Custom print fabrics, adding a sparkle layer, some laces
  • Patterning complexity: ruffle skirts, intricately seamed corset bodices
  • Extra yardage: cathedral trains, ballgowns
  • Custom sizing: length proportion, custom size
  • Embellishment: Rhinestone, embroidery, applique handwork

Summer 2022 Bespoke base rate: $3800
Approximate delivery currently 6-8 months
Compare to our other services

Even with custom patterning, brides should expect the potential need for minor alterations (commonly: underbust, adding bustle points), which would be handled by a third party.   Alterations are not included, though we refer you through our trusted preferred tailor list. 


Heirloom Redesign 

Do you want a perfectly modern design that includes elements from a family heirloom gown?  We love these sentimental projects.  Contact us to discuss redesign, compared to working with a tailor.  Unfortunately, we have no standardized base rate for these highly unique projects but are happy to provide an estimate for your specific ideas.

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