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Custom Bridal Gowns

We delight in hearing your ideas and would love to visit to discuss our process, review materials, and begin creating the perfect gown for your personality, body, and celebration style.  Nobody else is able to offer everything from creating custom textile prints to custom beaded embellishment and embroidery.  The possibilities are LIMITLESS!  Check out how some custom design clients created dream gowns with us in our Custom Brides Gallery.


Let us outline the various systems we offer to best fit your priorities:
(Please note: In an effort to improve clarity, there are changes from our 2017 systems.)

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Haute Custom: Luxury Bespoke 

Our traditional bespoke process, Haute Custom, has the intimacy of couture design. These brides will benefit from numerous peace of mind checkpoints and involvement in the evolution of their design.  It's ideal for clients who:

  • can't visualize an end result without it on the body
  • want to see and confirm every detail.  "Yes! That's just where I want the neckline!" or "You know...let's make it more fitted through the hip."
  • are "vertically-challenged" and want a gown with detail along the hem
  • want wiggle room to change their mind about details
  • aren't evenly proportioned (ie bust is 4 sizes bigger than waist)
  • have an eye for couture quality
  • support local manufacturing
  • are available for fittings in Houston
  • have 6-12 months before wedding

Haute Custom allows for decisions to be made along the way, from illustration to the muslin mock dress, through the partially-complete gown in your actual fabric, and into final fit perfections. We include the service of designing a custom coordinating veil or headpiece to round out this full-service offering.

Base rate: $2999
Embellishments, laces, and pattern complexity require additional fees and quoted case-by-case.

 Luxury Bespoke Custom Bridal Gown Design. Wedding dresses by Renegade, Houston

[Note regarding Atelier To Go:  We've retired/merged this 2017 system with Essential Elegance (formerly "No Frills").  Designs that necessitate local oversight formerly fell within ATG but will now be merely a supplemental labor fee to the EE system.  This is rarely necessary but may come up in instances like incorporating heirloom appliques from Mom's dress - which we don't send to the factory unless necessary. ]


Essential Elegance: A la carte Custom

Visit with our designer to conceptualize your special gown then order from the size chart, finalizing fit with your (third party) trusted tailor.  These gowns are created at our factory. Please note: this service is on a very limited basis and has already proven to book up fast.  We advise reserving your wedding date as early as possible; we can delay measuring.

Many designs fall within the base rate, but optional upgrades include:

  • Fabric upgrades: Silks, Custom print fabrics, adding an overlay (chiffon, organza), lace
  • Patterning complexity: ruffle skirts, intricately seamed corset bodices
  • Extra yardage: cathedral trains, ballgowns
  • Custom sizing: length proportion, custom size
  • Embellishment: Rhinestone, embroidery, applique handwork

    Base rate: $1250
    Embellishments, laces, and pattern complexity are quoted case-by-case. Custom Design Bridal Service, Affordable Bridal Gowns by Renegade Bridal. dressmaker tailor houston online cheap wedding dresses

Paper Dolls Separates: Semi-Custom

[Arriving throughout January 2018]
You ask, and we listen!  We're happy to announce our new service, an exciting offering for brides on a budget.  We often hear how grateful our Haute Custom brides are to have the luxury of a mock gown as a way to try on their design.  Now we have a budget-friendly collection to indulge that need!  Samples are in a wide variety of sizes.  Shop them as they arrive here >>

Heirloom Redesign 

Do you want a perfectly modern design that includes elements from a family heirloom gown?  We love these sentimental projects.  Contact us to discuss redesign compared to alterations.  We are happy to provide an estimate for your specific project.

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Now that you've probably selected which service best suits your vision, read Must Know for other questions you may have.  Of course you're also welcome to Contact Us for questions!