Short Bride Problems: Why it's not a matter of just hemming

Unlike many brides, the idea of custom design may have already occurred to you - out of necessity!  If you were thinking you'd just need your gown hemmed, let me count with you the reasons why that's not your best course.

1. Mermaid
With these styles, the challenge will be that the fullness where your hips should go is up at your waist, and the bustline wants to sit higher, which forces the gown up into your underarms.  I shoudn't need to tell you how uncomfortable that could be.  Look what happens when we transpose an average length gown over a petite bride.  This is entirely avoidable with custom patterning and a nightmare to force correction in alterations.

Still with me?  I know; if you've already been gown shopping, you're probably surprised that your consultant didn't explain this.  Tragically, no retailer I know of trains sales consultants about patternmaking.  This is technical stuff.  

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Tangent rant:  Many mass bridal manufacturers offer a "petite" cut.  This does NOT mean custom torso length, but rather just a standard gown cut 3 inches shorter than standard, with all those missing 3" coming off the hem area.  You might not trip over your gown, but that "solution" doesn't address any of the issues I just explained.

2. Open back
Similarly, open back styles are critical with regard to vertical proportion.  When I try to put our "Angelina" sample gown on a model shorter than 5'7", it's downright indecent in the back.  (But we've ordered it with custom patterning plenty of times!)  

3. No defined waist
If you fall in love with a style that has a waist seam, it can often be altered through there, in addition to your hem.  While it doesn't correct the bust still likely sitting too high, it does help.  But what if your dream dress doesn't have a seam there?  Custom patterning.

4. Hem detail.
As in our first example above, a gown with great hem lace or beading presents a challenge when it comes time to hem.  Better that it's applied with your actual proportion in mind.


Note:  Custom patterning is a $250 upgrade to styles from our collection and our No Frills custom design base rate.  However, we're excited to offer this complimentary to brides who order in January!  Haute Custom brides have custom patterning included as a part of the intimate couture process and evolution we'll experience together.  Compare these options here.  >>

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